Monday, September 26, 2005

Science and Religion

A trial began today in a Delaware court that will decide if "intelligent design" (ID) is a scientific theory or a religious dogma and thus whether it can be taught in the American public school system.

New Scientist article (Sep. 23)

ID is obviously is nothing more then creationism re-cast in an effort to get it into schools and it will likely and correctly be held out of the Dover Area School District.

Good, simple critique by a Brown University Professor of Biology

What is really sad is that this argument need not even be taking place. ID and creationism strike me as nothing more then jealousy based on misunderstandings or narrow-mindedness or both. Some with a religious bent incorrectly believe that science and religion are mutually exclusive and jealously view science as winning.

No less of a scientist then Stephen Hawkin concluded at the end of his best-selling Brief History of Time that his studies and research do nothing but further convince him of God's existence. While Brother Guy Consolmagno, the Vatican's own Astronomer (no, really) said in a recent interview (when asked about ID) that "I believe in science because of my faith in God." (He actually said more then that and it is worth a read.)

Seriously, nothing in creationism proves that God does or does not exist. The tricky thing about God is that God can't be proven for. To paraphrase, through my own prism, Brother Consolmagno: God is an assumption (like Quantum theory) that you either start with or you don't. But that assumption does not change the behaviors of the world around us. The only thing ID supporters can really hope to achieve is to stunt our understanding of God's creation.


It did not surprise me one bit that Brother Guy is a Jesuit.

Comment by steve (12/15/2006 15:54)

Science and Religion [Reply]

What irks me about ID and Creationism is the blatant disregard for basic is demonstrably true that the earth is not 3K or 5K years old or whatever they claim...

I agree with people like Brother Guy...the more you study science in general (and not that I really have all that much compared to people like him), the more it becomes apparent that we are not some random accident...There was an uncaused-first cause in the creation of the universe...something made this happen and evolution doesnt make that any less true...

Comment by Clay McNerney (12/15/2006 15:54)

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