Wednesday, March 08, 2006


So what do we do with this guy? I think there are two great questions: 1) Hall of Fame, 2) Record Books.

If it were MY baseball world. Bonds wouldn't get into the Hall and his numbers from last year would be erased from the books.

The Porch [Reply]

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New Book [Reply]

I am interested in reading the new book about Bonds and his alleged doping. I think if it can be proven that he did juice up, which I think is apprarent given the size of his head, his numbers should be removed from the books and denied entry into the HoF.

The best thing that can come out of this is that guys like Andre Dawson and Jim Rice and Dale Murphy might get their HoF due. They played the right way.

I get sick of these commentators who say "Steroids don't make you see the ball better. You still have to hit the ball." That IS NOT the point. The point is these juice heads can defy age and not break down physically.

Comment by steve (12/15/2006 15:55)

Longevity [Reply]

Steve's last point about defying age is crucial when looking at the Hall. Baseball loves its numbers and loves longevity when considering admission to the Hall. If you achieve those numbers through artificially induced longevity, it should count against you.

Comment by D (12/15/2006 15:55)


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