Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Red/Blue Web?

Mark Cuban, who does have a pretty interesting blog, summed up his feeling that all things Web will eventually be colored by various political, religious, and philosophical bents:

"The Web 3.0 - You stay on your side of the web and I will stay on mine." [ American Idol of Search - your search isn't my search ]

I agree with his general observation, although he takes it to a conclusion I don't think I've even gone to. One of the things that the Web is best at is making it easy for minority interests to gather together much more easily then before. This can be good and bad depending on wether that group is a minority for random demographic reasons or because they're Ku Klux Klan members.

Cuban's vision is that the politicization of news between CNN and FOX will eventually carry over into things like search. I don't want an objective attempt at search (ie. Google) but a subjective red or blue (or Christian/Muslim/Jewish/... ) version of search.

One of the interesting affects of communications technology in the modern era is that while making it easier to reach out across the world to talk to people, it has made it easier to go through life without having to interact with people I do not agree with. Instead of having to talk to my neighbors because I didn't have any other options, I can pick and choose my friends from the world population.

One of my favorite quotes ever was uttered many many years ago by a Pittsburgh politician (city council I think) who called suburbs the result of socio-economic incest. Unfortunately modern technology has made it possible to live in the middle of New York City and still fail to interact meaningfully with people of differing views and life experiences.

Sadly the trend of philosophical division exemplified by the Red/Blue states may only get worse before it gets better.

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