Thursday, December 22, 2005

@#@# It

I think Washington should have a baseball team. I was very excited to have the National in town last year. I planned to support them.

But sometimes in an effort to get something you want, you have to back up and say @#@# it, its not worth it. [ Nats Bidders Told Not to Offer Funds -- Washington Post ]

My message to MLB --

"Take your precious little baseball franchise and move them to San Juan and see if you can get an ownership group to bid for them then. @#@# You."

Walk away [Reply]

Steve is correct. This is all a negotiating game and MLB really will not leave Washington. But as J always says about buying a car... you got to be willing to walk out or you will get screwed.

Comment by Doug (12/15/2006 15:55)


What MLB is afraid of is a precedent that any owner will need to pony up cash for a new stadium. MLB's desire is to squeeze every possible nickel out of any deal. Baseball is not leaving DC. There is no other place to put them. Vegas could build a stadium, but does MLB really want that can of worms? And I don't think Vegas CAN build a stadium, because what's in it for the casino owners; baseball just takes bodies out of the casinos. Contraction is never going to happen because the union will never let it happen. Baseball will posture and huff and puff, while the DC city council does the same, and enventually they'll agree to a new deal with the new owner covering the overages.

Comment by steve (12/15/2006 15:55)