Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Car for Christmas

Everyone who is getting someone a car for Christmas raise your hand. I thought so. Admittedly I am not in the right tax bracket to buy a Lexis at any time let alone for someone else. But really. Does anyone do that?

Please, share stories of anyone you know or have heard about who got a car for Christmas, of any kind.


I got a matchbox car once. That doesn't quite count, though.

Comment by steve (12/15/2006 15:55)


Heh, actually I do have a story for this, though it isn't really mine. When I was in single digits or there abouts, my parents bought my grandfather a car. Though I don't think it was new. And I'm pretty sure it wasn't for Christmas.

Comment by Nephlm (12/15/2006 15:55)


I recall reading something in an advertising trade magazine that praised the brilliant creative thinking behind this ad series; however, even Lexus would admit very few if any people actually buy a Lexus with a bow for someone else as a holiday gift. It is the qunticential yuppie Lexus fairytail. But the message is now out there and we are all talking about it and thus it is advertising dollars well spent. With advertising it matters not if we can, but rather now that we think we would like to.

If you really want a car for the holidays may I recommend the 2005 Chrysler 300 C (1:6 scale) for "only" $119 I saw in the toy department at Target. It is about two feet long, white, spinner rims, pulsating light-up interior, 3 speakers and a hook-up for your media player and is remote control. You will be the envy of everyone in you hood.


Comment by Armchair quarterback (12/15/2006 15:55)


Never knew anyone to get a car for christmas either...

Just too impracticle really...where in the world do you hide a present like that until Christmas morning?

Comment by Clay (12/15/2006 15:55)

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