I've meant to blog about these guys before... I know that at least some of you will be interested by this group. They are a political action committee that is trying to counter the stronger IP legislation that the movie and music industry want.



Interesting observations about the disappearance of places that teens can hang-out as an explanation for the growth of MySpace.

Boing Boing Post

Next Trend in Personal E-mail

I believe Steve has hit on the next trend in personal e-mail: legal disclaimers. Organizations have been doing it for a while now as prompted by legal departments who figured that e-mail could end up being used against them some how.

With the NSA's current terrorism fighting plan centerpiece being read everyone's e-mail and hope we get lucky, its time we private individuals get into the act as well.

Steve offers the following as a beginning.

To the Federal Agents reading this email: I am in no way suggesting or implying that myself or the my communicant are involved with or are pleased with blowing anything up either domestically or in England.

I'm sure there is more we should cover. Suggestions requested.

iPod Ownership as Political Activism

Count me among those who are at least moderatly concerned about the record and movie industries attempting to create Intellectual Property rights by suing the pants off grandpas and daughters across the country. But what to do?

Here's an interesting idea... give your Senator an iPod stuffed with creative commons materials. Probably doesn't trump the money that Hollywood can raise for a political donation, but I throw it out there for your consideration.

Your Senator Needs an iPod

"Old" Music

One of the joys of loading old music on to an iPod (865 songs so far... ) is going through entire CD collection and digging up the old stuff you had long forgotten about.

Laugh all you want but GnR actually had more good stuff then I remembered. And why do I not listen to Liquid Tension Experiment more often? (Anyone who has any idea who that last band is other then Clay and Steve get a cookie. Google searches do not count.)


This, apparently unsupported blog tool, is unable to filter comments in any way other then by having me periodically spend 10 minute deleting all the spam.

Since, I obviously have that much free time on my hands to blog anyways... I'll give you all a choice. I turn off comments or we all live with it until some unknown future date when my host switches over to a new tool.

In all fairness to my host, who is otherwise a very competant host, I am complaining about a free tool.

Movable Type

Hopefully my non-movable type blog doesn't strike me down for this, but Moveable Type is a pretty good product.

We justy proped up a members only blog at my association and I was able to completly re-create the template for the main blog page so that it looked exactly like our members only web site. I made zero style accomidations for the blog tool. In fact, I'm using the same style sheet, include files, and security that on the blog that every other page in the members site uses.

Given my pet peeve with online publishing tools that do not give you total control of presentation, that makes Movable Type better then sliced bread in my universe.

iPod Mixer

"OKAY, THIS IS COOL:" -- Instapundit post

Red/Blue Web?

Mark Cuban, who does have a pretty interesting blog, summed up his feeling that all things Web will eventually be colored by various political, religious, and philosophical bents:

"The Web 3.0 - You stay on your side of the web and I will stay on mine." [ American Idol of Search - your search isn't my search(More)

H.R. 4569 -- Digital Conversion Illegal?

Robert X. Cringely (love the name) wrote recently about new legislation that would make analog-to-digital conversion illegal unless digital rights management were incorporated into the system. [ Nothing Changes -- Dec. 22 -- about half way down the page ]

I respect Mr. Cringely greatly and generally agree that government needs to stay out of technology fields. This needs watching.

DVD Movies Suck

I love DVDs. But they have a huge down-side especially in the rental market.

Stop touching the face of the DVD!!!!!!!

Yes, I'm talking to you. I know, DVDs and CDs were touted by some as indesctructible. What they meant by that is that you can't really wear them out like you used to be able to do to cassettes that got a lot of play. But if you scratch it, you ruin it.

One of the most frustrating things in life is to rent a movie (who buys any more?) get half way in, absorbed in the story, then the picture freezes and skips 3 scenes down the road. Wipe it off all you want, the thing has been scratched.

There are many fault points in this system. (More)

Religious fundamentalism explained

Lets start with a theory:

As science increases in complexity it becomes indistinguishable from magic.

I don't really know the origin of this theory but I credit Todd with bringing it to my attention. Its a fun theory. I like it because it often proves to be a useful filter through which to view technology's relationship with people.

With no empirical research, I sense that mankind is beginning to tread down the back side of a bell curve because of this theory and that this is causing a rise in religious fundamentalism.


menus, menus, menus

Earlier this week Jacob Neilson wrote of the impending death of the near-universal computer user interface he refers to interchangeably as Mac-Style or WYSIWYG and the inherent rise of a results-oriented interface.


Oh, where to start. Agenda: 1) Jacob, 2) WYSIWYG vs. Mac-Style, 3) results-oriented UI.