Interesting observations about the disappearance of places that teens can hang-out as an explanation for the growth of MySpace.

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I Told You So

Way back in October I declared the football season over due to the obvious linkage between Michael's jersey wearing habits and the White Sox World Series victory. [ White Sox Victory = Steelers Super Bowl ]

Seriously, both teams played pretty sloppy football. I think the big difference was discipline (or lack of it) that resulted in big plays and mistakes.

Seattle had some chances on offense but always seemed to be a step out of bounds or a holding call away. And their special teams really did not play well. They had 2 or 3 chances to pin the Steelers down deep in the first quarter alone and for one reason or another the ball always ended up in the end zone.

The Seattle defense did well against Pittsburgh, except for three plays. All three touchdowns came as a direct result of big plays, the last two due to missed assignments. First the 3rd down scramble/hail mary to Ward on the 2. Then Parker's big run -- did Seattle have all 11 men on the line of scrimmage? That play was over after he got through the hole. Then the reverse-option pass. The, admittedly back-up, safety bit hard on the reverse there. That's all about discipline and preparation.

A lot of football is about making fewer mistakes then your opponent. The Steelers turned the ball over too many times for my liking and really kept Seattle in the game in the second half, but Seattle's mistakes were more frequent if more subtle.

Congratulations to Seattle, they're a good football team. But, I think the better team won.

ps. I'll begin taking bids for Michael's jersey wearing skills for this year's sporting calendar at this time.

pps. Other football teams need not apply.

Frank N.G. Schulz

A moment of silence for Frank N.G. (no good or nice guy -- your choice) Schulz.


I've often heard people discuss pro-creation as a form of cheating death but that particular motivation has never been high on my list. Even now that my son is a real live boy instead of theory I don't really see him as my bid for immortality.

But when my Grandfather passed away this weekend after a great glorious long life of plane flying, card playing, and crooked smiles holding Michael in my arms was of great comfort. Nothing makes you feel better about loosing one life then holding in your arms all the promise of a new life.

Its hard to feel sad when a 9 month old goes crawling after a mechanical monkey on wheels across the living room floor and I know that Grandpa would not have wanted us to be sad for long.

Giving Thanks

I hope every one of my loyal readers had a great Thanksgiving.

We all have a lot to be thankful for. Unless I have picked up some stragglers in the last couple of months, we all have a good middle class life in a prospering, peaceful country.

For me, this holiday season has begun with a different feel to it. I am no less thankful for my wife and parents and sister and health and job and friends then last year, but it is hard to be more thankful for anything then for Michael.

I find it hard to convey how much I appreciate the healthy developing life of my son. Suffice it to say that it is really a unique feeling that I hope everyone who wants children can experience in their life.

A Happy Holiday to all.

White Sox Victory = Steelers Super Bowl

One of the first two sports jerseys Michael ever wore was actually a Chicago White Sox one-sie. See Michael's father-in-law's family is from the South side and good friends of theirs sent Michael a pretty cool looking White Sox outfit right after he was born.

This season, Michael wears his Roethlisberger jersey every Sunday the Steelers play.

Earlier this week, the White Sox won the World Series... I don't think I need to draw everyone a picture. Consider the football season over.

Go Jodi

An October 16th Letter to the Editor in the Hartford Courant titled "Breast-Fed Babies Are Healthier" (at the bottom of the page) got my wife so upset she fired off a counter-Letter to the Editor... and they published it!

Go Jodi: Letter Added To Mothers' Anxiety (middle of page)

ps. Jodi's right -- there are easily a million ways to raise a child, if I'm not killing or abusing it, keep your mouth shut. It also occurs to me that if this woman was right and Breast-fed babies really were that much less likely to result in an insurance claim then I suspect the insurance companies would already be charging us for it.

Funny Stuff

As a father who recently had a 5 day old son. I thought this was particularly funny. Especially the last line "... 5 day old sons come and go ..."

The bit is called Greenie and the Jets and is an animation based on some actual dialogue from the Mike and Mike morning show on ESPN radio. Its nearish the bottom of the page:

Animated 'Off-Mikes' Page

Update: Roughing the Mother is pretty funny too.

That mush probably tastes bad to them too

A recent Associated Press article highlights growing sentiment in pediatric science that the American insistence on slowly introducing bland foods in particular orders is really more myth then science.

Experts Seek to Debunk Baby Food Myths

I bet this is why American's typically grow up with a much blander palate then many other cultures, especially non-European.

Interestingly, Jodi noticed one day that the baby food jars with Spanish labels often contain different foods then the same company's English labeled line on neighboring grocery store shelves. For instance, the only first-food Mangos we could find were in Spanish labels.

An Open Letter to Michael's Parents

I appologize for using an interpretor, but I can not yet type. My darn fingers are just now learning to obey simple commands. As a result I will trust that my father is interpreting my comments, cries, and meaningful looks corrently as I can not yet read.

Dear Parents:

Why do you insist on periodically interupting my bottles and beating me on the back? Do they do this when you go out to resturaunts? I haven't seen it anywhere I've gone. Does it sound like something that would aid your digestion?

And who do you know takes 3 naps a day? You can stop periodically putting me in my crib, thinking I'll nap. I will continue to scream. And for the record: rubbing my eyes and being crabby are not expressions of being tired. If I'm tired I'll tell you.

Otherwise, thanks for a great first 6 months. Love the Jumperoo. Toys are cool, but whatever happened to that tissue box I was playing with? The dog is pretty cool too. Food is neat, but why do I get this mushed up stuff in jars? Your food is so much cooler looking.

Keep up the good work.



PS. I'm not a baby, I'm just small.