Cork Chair

I've got enough corks to put together the wine cork board kit Jodi gave me but maybe I should save up for ...

A cork chair.

Thanks Boing Boing.


"Other heroes are really only pretending: Peter Parker plays Spider-Man; Bruce Wayne plays Batman. For Superman, itís mild-mannered reporter Clark Kent thatís the disguise Ė the thing he aspires to, the thing he can never be."

from The Myth of Superman
By Neil Gaiman & Adam Rogers
in Wired


Back from my week in Chicago for business. I liked Chicago but never really had time to do more then go to a couple of resturaunts. Thanks for all the suggestions I received though.

What I like about Chicago is that you can clearly see that people live in the city.


5 Guys

Great article in the Post about the best burger joints in the world:

Five Guys, Taking a Bigger Bite

Thanks to J for the tip.

Mixed Signals

New good blog. Mixed Signals is published by NPR . Its kind of a blog version of All Things Considered that pulls from NPR's various reporters and sources.

I've liked. (See side-bar for link)

Why Men Love Lingerie

I periodically hear some women poo-poo lingerie. Why would they wear it? It's uncomfortable to sleep in and, if sleep isn't your goal, it comes off so quickly why bother?

Why? Because, if you're into men, to men lingerie is part of foreplay.


Why I'm not a good blogger

I've been doing a review of some blogs for work and one of the things that suprised me (because I don't often read the realy popular blogs) is that some of these people blog 5,6,7 times a day.

They obviously live alone with their computer.

Red/Blue Web?

Mark Cuban, who does have a pretty interesting blog, summed up his feeling that all things Web will eventually be colored by various political, religious, and philosophical bents:

"The Web 3.0 - You stay on your side of the web and I will stay on mine." [ American Idol of Search - your search isn't my search(More)

Car for Christmas

Everyone who is getting someone a car for Christmas raise your hand. I thought so. Admittedly I am not in the right tax bracket to buy a Lexis at any time let alone for someone else. But really. Does anyone do that?

Please, share stories of anyone you know or have heard about who got a car for Christmas, of any kind.


Easily the most picked on super hero of all time, Aquaman is apparently going to get some love from the people who brought you Smallville.

WB dives into 'Aquaman' (Variety)

Why Aquaman? They seem to be going for dramas about people who just happen to be superheros. Not television comic books. Given that, using low-powered superheros actually makes a lot of sense.

Given that Aquaman is easily one of the weakest superheros of all time, this seems like a no-brainer. Next stop should be a browse through the independent racks.

You say tomato I say tamato

Last night, J and I debated the nature of tomatoes: vegetable or fruit.

I know, I know. Its a fruit. All the botanists say so. But really, all of us remember the first time someone told us tomatoes where actually fruits. We all assumed that they were vegetables.

Why are they fruits? (More)

Yea DogFish!

I've been to the new Dogfish Head Ale House in Gaithersburg twice now. While its existance raises the beer quality of Montgomery County from horrid to decent in one fell swoop, I can't recommend eating there other then as a way to allow consumption of more of their fine beer.

That said, I call on all my loyal readers to patronize this fine establishment as much as possible. You should all consider it a civic duty to have a happy hour there this year.

However, if you happen to find yourself near Rehoboth, DE check out the Dogfish Head Brew Pub there. Its got the same beer and their food is actually good.

Dogfish's Web site


Pours and foams like beer, smells like coffee, alcohol free with caffine.

Report from the New Scientist

Religious fundamentalism explained

Lets start with a theory:

As science increases in complexity it becomes indistinguishable from magic.

I don't really know the origin of this theory but I credit Todd with bringing it to my attention. Its a fun theory. I like it because it often proves to be a useful filter through which to view technology's relationship with people.

With no empirical research, I sense that mankind is beginning to tread down the back side of a bell curve because of this theory and that this is causing a rise in religious fundamentalism.


names should get longer

There was a story on the front page of the Wall Street Journal yesterday about how names in Germany are restricted by certain rules we would find quite odd in the US. Coincidentally, while re-reading parts of Life in a Medieval City by Joseph and Frances Gies this morning I just ran across a section about how sur-names became more and more frequent in cities around the mid-thirteenth century as a good way for tax collectors to keep all the Johns seperate.

Someone in the government explaining Germany's no-hyphen rule explained that they feared that this generation's hyphened last names would become next generation's 3-hyphen last names and lead to 7-hyphen and 15-hyphen last names in a short 100 years or so of cross-breeding those hyphenated last names.

However, if the purpose of names is to be able to tell people apart, maybe we need more last names. How many John Smiths do you need to have before you need a better way to tell them all apart? I am sure that middle names have helped a great deal, but there really are a lot of people in the world and only so many decent sounding names, so bring em on.

Michael Schulz-Strauss-Nolan-Zamost sounds like a law firm waiting to happen. Excellent.

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