Religion in Football

The amount of religious expression in football seems to many to be larger then in other public life.

Why? I have two possible complimentary explanations.


Fascinating NFL List

Over the last five years 4 AFC and 1 NFC team have averaged 10 wins or more. (NE, Pit, Ind, Phi, Den) Further proof of how the NFL is stacked these days.

Also, no evidence of money buying victories: Of the top four revenue generators, 2 are top 3 (NE, Phi) but the other two are 22nd and 23rd (Was, Dal) out of 31. Of the top four by wins, obviously 2 of them are top four in revenue, but the other two are 17th and 29th (Pit, Ind)

Data Courtesy of Dan Arkush at (scroll to the bottom)

Everybody can breath now

The NFL owners waited until a couple of extensions past the 11th hour to agree to extend their labor agreement. But they did it. (More)


So what do we do with this guy? I think there are two great questions: 1) Hall of Fame, 2) Record Books.

If it were MY baseball world. Bonds wouldn't get into the Hall and his numbers from last year would be erased from the books.

Ashton Youboty

... Best name that could be called in the first round of the NFL draft. (CB, Ohio State).

Obviously we are entering the short dark time between the Super Bowl and NFL Draft. That proceedes the long dark time between the Draft a summer training camps.

I think I'm getting the shakes.

I Told You So

Way back in October I declared the football season over due to the obvious linkage between Michael's jersey wearing habits and the White Sox World Series victory. [ White Sox Victory = Steelers Super Bowl ]

Seriously, both teams played pretty sloppy football. I think the big difference was discipline (or lack of it) that resulted in big plays and mistakes.

Seattle had some chances on offense but always seemed to be a step out of bounds or a holding call away. And their special teams really did not play well. They had 2 or 3 chances to pin the Steelers down deep in the first quarter alone and for one reason or another the ball always ended up in the end zone.

The Seattle defense did well against Pittsburgh, except for three plays. All three touchdowns came as a direct result of big plays, the last two due to missed assignments. First the 3rd down scramble/hail mary to Ward on the 2. Then Parker's big run -- did Seattle have all 11 men on the line of scrimmage? That play was over after he got through the hole. Then the reverse-option pass. The, admittedly back-up, safety bit hard on the reverse there. That's all about discipline and preparation.

A lot of football is about making fewer mistakes then your opponent. The Steelers turned the ball over too many times for my liking and really kept Seattle in the game in the second half, but Seattle's mistakes were more frequent if more subtle.

Congratulations to Seattle, they're a good football team. But, I think the better team won.

ps. I'll begin taking bids for Michael's jersey wearing skills for this year's sporting calendar at this time.

pps. Other football teams need not apply.

Super Bowl (pulling a Brady)

The other day J commented that I had not blogged about the Steelers yet.

For the record we have no comment at this time. We've been disrespected by the media and all the gamblers who thought Denver would continue to not lose at home and that the team that won 14 straight games in the regular season would clean our clocks. And really a 4 point favorite against an NFC team? The local high school here in North Potomac would be a 4 point favorite against an NFC team.

But seriously, no comment at this time.

The AFC Belichick

Obviously the Bills should hire a coach with some ties to Bill Belichick. Everyone else in their conference did.

I'm reading Patriot Reign right now. Its a book that follows the Patriots through their first two Super Bowl seasons. Billed as a behind the scenes look at football. Its been ok so far. I think some of it is just back-ground on Belichick and the Patriots to set the scene. But some of it is pretty interesting. Part of my problem is that it could probably never be as behind the scenes as I'd like.

Shout-out to Em for actually going to a physical store to buy a book about the hated Patriots for me for Christmas. That's love. Em, I promise I will not ask for the new NFL behind the scenes book about the Ravens.

Go Stillers

Now that my heart rate is approximating normal... the best play of that game was Ben's tackle of the wife beater on the fumble return. How many times do you see the QB running backwards and tripping over his own feet yards from the play. That saved the game.

Sean Taylor Got Off Light

Doesn't $17,000 seem paltry as a fine for spitting? The NFL fined Taylor $25,000 for skipping a mandatory rookie symposium. I understand why they don't want to suspend him a game, but at least make it look good.

Ego alert

A late entry into the 2006 F1 Championships is being made by Suzuki Team Super Aguri. So where does the team name come from? Team principal Aguri Suzuki.

I guess his last name is the name of the company, but still. Maybe I should rename my fantasy football team, Super Doug. Or maybe translate that into Japanesse maybe it doesn't sound so dorky then.

@#@# It

I think Washington should have a baseball team. I was very excited to have the National in town last year. I planned to support them.

But sometimes in an effort to get something you want, you have to back up and say @#@# it, its not worth it. [ Nats Bidders Told Not to Offer Funds -- Washington Post ]

My message to MLB --

"Take your precious little baseball franchise and move them to San Juan and see if you can get an ownership group to bid for them then. @#@# You."

Penguins New Coach

To think I was excited about hockey in Pittsburgh over the summer. Then they started playing and losing games. Now 2 games into a new coach I have to like their chances for a rebound. Why?

I know exactly one thing about new coach Michel Therrien: he's got a great French-Canadian name. Therefor, he must be good. Go Pens.

Got Parity?

Common wisdom is that the NFL has parity and Baseball does not. As a fan of a small market with teams in both leagues I certainly endorse that view with my gut.

However, I read an interesting column a while back that argued against this established belief.


Arlen's Jowls Backtrack

Update: This morning CBS is reporting that Arlan Specter has backed away from his threat of Senate investigations into TO's treatment by the Eagles.

Senator shies away from pursuing unfair punishment of Owens

Apparently someone got in a room alone with Arlen and whacked him up-side the head and he came to the realization that their upcoming confirmation hearing for a new justice of the Supreme Court was a little more important.

Note: he did not say that he was wrong just that he had more important things to do. He has refered this to the Justice Deperment who is probably too busy rounding up Arabs for torture to really give this their full attention.

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