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For the Comedy News Channel lovers out there:

Transcript of Colbert at the White House press corp dinner this weekend. [Courtesy of Dumbosaurus (?)].


I've felt for a while now that something was wrong with technology patents. Really ever since the PTO startedc giving out business process patents to people like Amazon for things I thought should be standard operating procedure.

I ran across a mention of this post on Boing Boing today:

Patently Absurd (A VC)


... but now we have more wetlands

NPR is blogging that "Gail Norton: The interior secretary today declares that the nation has more wetlands than when Bush took office."

I wonder if all the new wetlands are in the 9th ward of New Orleans?


I've meant to blog about these guys before... I know that at least some of you will be interested by this group. They are a political action committee that is trying to counter the stronger IP legislation that the movie and music industry want.


Mixed Signals

New good blog. Mixed Signals is published by NPR . Its kind of a blog version of All Things Considered that pulls from NPR's various reporters and sources.

I've liked. (See side-bar for link)

Are you Kidding Me?

I guess my question here is what was the person who decided that dildos were dangerous to society thinking? I can't even fathom it.

Court upholds sex toy ban, no fundamental right to dildos (courtesy of Boing Boing)

Maybe this was just a dare between a couple drunk right-wing religious fundamentalists. "Hey Pat, bet you can't get dildos outlawed!"

Religion and Politics

I heard a couple things this weekend about the Middle East that I thought were worth thinking about:

1) Jimmy Carter reminded us on CNN that the PLO, whom we currently consider the rational political party in Palestine used to be a terrorist organization that held as a prime tenant that Israel should be pushed back into the sea.

2) A commentator, whom I could not pick out of a line-up, on some random PBS show Friday mentioned an experience he had at a Foreign Affairs conference recently where everyone was trying to analyze the Middle East using game theory and other rational actor style analysis.


Racism or Profiling?

Police will tell you that profiling is an effective crime-fighting technique. Civil libertarians and innocent African Americans who get stopped for no other reason on America's roads will tell you that profiling is racism. Now we are moving on to international profiling or Arabs.


Next Trend in Personal E-mail

I believe Steve has hit on the next trend in personal e-mail: legal disclaimers. Organizations have been doing it for a while now as prompted by legal departments who figured that e-mail could end up being used against them some how.

With the NSA's current terrorism fighting plan centerpiece being read everyone's e-mail and hope we get lucky, its time we private individuals get into the act as well.

Steve offers the following as a beginning.

To the Federal Agents reading this email: I am in no way suggesting or implying that myself or the my communicant are involved with or are pleased with blowing anything up either domestically or in England.

I'm sure there is more we should cover. Suggestions requested.

iPod Ownership as Political Activism

Count me among those who are at least moderatly concerned about the record and movie industries attempting to create Intellectual Property rights by suing the pants off grandpas and daughters across the country. But what to do?

Here's an interesting idea... give your Senator an iPod stuffed with creative commons materials. Probably doesn't trump the money that Hollywood can raise for a political donation, but I throw it out there for your consideration.

Your Senator Needs an iPod

The Report

I just finished watching the Colbert Report and realized that its a blog with video production value.

Another shout-out to Em for turning us on to the Report. (Don't get jaded Em, I'm not going to mention you EVERY post.)

Red/Blue Web?

Mark Cuban, who does have a pretty interesting blog, summed up his feeling that all things Web will eventually be colored by various political, religious, and philosophical bents:

"The Web 3.0 - You stay on your side of the web and I will stay on mine." [ American Idol of Search - your search isn't my search(More)

Intelligent Design = Creationism

Update on the Intelligent Design court case:

"Pennsylvania science teachers will not be forced to advocate "intelligent design" after a judge ruled that that the theory is really religion in disguise. ... As such, it is primarily a religious theory, not a scientific one, and cannot be taught in US public schools, which are prevented from promoting religion." (New Scientist)

I wrote about this case at length when it opened (Science and Religion | Sept. 26) and will only add now that this is a welcome decision. Yea.

Arlen's Jowls Backtrack

Update: This morning CBS is reporting that Arlan Specter has backed away from his threat of Senate investigations into TO's treatment by the Eagles.

Senator shies away from pursuing unfair punishment of Owens

Apparently someone got in a room alone with Arlen and whacked him up-side the head and he came to the realization that their upcoming confirmation hearing for a new justice of the Supreme Court was a little more important.

Note: he did not say that he was wrong just that he had more important things to do. He has refered this to the Justice Deperment who is probably too busy rounding up Arabs for torture to really give this their full attention.

Arlen's Jowls A-Quiver

Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Specter has decided that TO has been wronged. He has gone so far as to say that "it might be a violation of antitrust laws."

Senator says Eagles unfair in punishment of Owens (CBS

Are you kidding me? Not only is NFL labor relations regulated by a heavily negotiated collective bargaining agreement, this particular matter was recently ruled on by an arbitrator as being in accordance with that agreement.

Spector goes on to say that "He's not committed a crime, he's committed a breach of contract." Exactly. In fact, he's committed a breach of contract that allows the team to engage in the action they have taken as a means of discipline. "It's a restraint of trade" Mr. Spector says. How? He's getting paid for every game he's deactivated for?

I suspect that what is really going on here is that Arlen is upset that he missed out on all the good press for McCain and Bunning stemming from baseball's new steroid policy.

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