Can't Lose Dice

For those of us who spent much time as youth playing with dice... here's a set of dice that you can't lose with.

explanation courtesy of Ivars Peterson

Idol Pool

My NCAA bracket is plodding along toward mediacraty, which is better then I usualy get. So its time to turn my attention full time to my American Idol Bracket.

You heard me. Don't tell me you don't have one.


Puerto Rico for 2

... the game that is. I Love Puerto Rico but my usual number of players for games is two. So J and I created a 2 player modification that I think works pretty well. (If you haven't played Puerto Rico, this post will largely be lost on you.)


Why didn't I think of that?

Thanks to Trent Modglin, a writer for who wrote yesterday about this fabulous idea: insurance for your fantasy football players.

No really. These guys will sell you an insurance policy for Priest Holmes. You pay them a premium and they pay you if he misses a certain amount of time. With decent actuarial tables this is a license to print money.

Mr. Modglin's article

Mourning for a gaming site

I have enjoyed reading (monthly-ish) the Games Journal for a while now. Periodically, I looked for other sites that provided nice reviews of games and other interesting game related articles and never found one that I really liked as well.

Sadly, the Games Journal is no more. (good-bye letter)

They were part of my required online reading and I will miss them.


Have we mourned enough? Ok, good. How could they just go away? Didn't they know I was reading them? Does anyone have any good suggestions for game related Web sites to replace the Games Journal on my list of links?

Trivial Pursuit Card Back



The Federal Trade Commission



Elvis Presley

Odin's Ravens

The verdict is in. I like this game. I remember liking it when I first played it a couple of years ago. I now have my own copy have played it a bunch lately and confirmed my recollections.

Description and review from the Games Journal

Essentially a two-player, race game the auxiliary hand and magic way give you two other ways to use your cards every turn other then the obvious. This makes for some interesting strategy and competitive play.