Fascinating NFL List

Over the last five years 4 AFC and 1 NFC team have averaged 10 wins or more. (NE, Pit, Ind, Phi, Den) Further proof of how the NFL is stacked these days.

Also, no evidence of money buying victories: Of the top four revenue generators, 2 are top 3 (NE, Phi) but the other two are 22nd and 23rd (Was, Dal) out of 31. Of the top four by wins, obviously 2 of them are top four in revenue, but the other two are 17th and 29th (Pit, Ind)

Data Courtesy of Dan Arkush at ProFootballWeekly.com (scroll to the bottom)


Back from my week in Chicago for business. I liked Chicago but never really had time to do more then go to a couple of resturaunts. Thanks for all the suggestions I received though.

What I like about Chicago is that you can clearly see that people live in the city.



I've felt for a while now that something was wrong with technology patents. Really ever since the PTO startedc giving out business process patents to people like Amazon for things I thought should be standard operating procedure.

I ran across a mention of this post on Boing Boing today:

Patently Absurd (A VC)


5 Guys

Great article in the Post about the best burger joints in the world:

Five Guys, Taking a Bigger Bite

Thanks to J for the tip.