iPod Ownership as Political Activism

Count me among those who are at least moderatly concerned about the record and movie industries attempting to create Intellectual Property rights by suing the pants off grandpas and daughters across the country. But what to do?

Here's an interesting idea... give your Senator an iPod stuffed with creative commons materials. Probably doesn't trump the money that Hollywood can raise for a political donation, but I throw it out there for your consideration.

Your Senator Needs an iPod

"Old" Music

One of the joys of loading old music on to an iPod (865 songs so far... ) is going through entire CD collection and digging up the old stuff you had long forgotten about.

Laugh all you want but GnR actually had more good stuff then I remembered. And why do I not listen to Liquid Tension Experiment more often? (Anyone who has any idea who that last band is other then Clay and Steve get a cookie. Google searches do not count.)