Movable Type

Hopefully my non-movable type blog doesn't strike me down for this, but Moveable Type is a pretty good product.

We justy proped up a members only blog at my association and I was able to completly re-create the template for the main blog page so that it looked exactly like our members only web site. I made zero style accomidations for the blog tool. In fact, I'm using the same style sheet, include files, and security that on the blog that every other page in the members site uses.

Given my pet peeve with online publishing tools that do not give you total control of presentation, that makes Movable Type better then sliced bread in my universe.

Why I'm not a good blogger

I've been doing a review of some blogs for work and one of the things that suprised me (because I don't often read the realy popular blogs) is that some of these people blog 5,6,7 times a day.

They obviously live alone with their computer.

iPod Mixer

"OKAY, THIS IS COOL:" -- Instapundit post