Super Bowl (pulling a Brady)

The other day J commented that I had not blogged about the Steelers yet.

For the record we have no comment at this time. We've been disrespected by the media and all the gamblers who thought Denver would continue to not lose at home and that the team that won 14 straight games in the regular season would clean our clocks. And really a 4 point favorite against an NFC team? The local high school here in North Potomac would be a 4 point favorite against an NFC team.

But seriously, no comment at this time.

The Report

I just finished watching the Colbert Report and realized that its a blog with video production value.

Another shout-out to Em for turning us on to the Report. (Don't get jaded Em, I'm not going to mention you EVERY post.)

The AFC Belichick

Obviously the Bills should hire a coach with some ties to Bill Belichick. Everyone else in their conference did.

I'm reading Patriot Reign right now. Its a book that follows the Patriots through their first two Super Bowl seasons. Billed as a behind the scenes look at football. Its been ok so far. I think some of it is just back-ground on Belichick and the Patriots to set the scene. But some of it is pretty interesting. Part of my problem is that it could probably never be as behind the scenes as I'd like.

Shout-out to Em for actually going to a physical store to buy a book about the hated Patriots for me for Christmas. That's love. Em, I promise I will not ask for the new NFL behind the scenes book about the Ravens.


So I'll have 4 hours of 24 to watch the next time I find time to sit in front of the TV for something not related to the Steelers.

Now obviously I like this show since it is one of maybe 2 or 3 shows not related to sports that I have any serious interest in watching. (I'm not sure if American Idol counts because I think I may have stopped watching that if not for fantasy idol.)

But I wonder if each and every episode HAS to have a torture scene. Does it? Heck, even this season's 30 second previews has torture.

Go Stillers

Now that my heart rate is approximating normal... the best play of that game was Ben's tackle of the wife beater on the fumble return. How many times do you see the QB running backwards and tripping over his own feet yards from the play. That saved the game.

Movable Type

Hopefully my non-movable type blog doesn't strike me down for this, but Moveable Type is a pretty good product.

We justy proped up a members only blog at my association and I was able to completly re-create the template for the main blog page so that it looked exactly like our members only web site. I made zero style accomidations for the blog tool. In fact, I'm using the same style sheet, include files, and security that on the blog that every other page in the members site uses.

Given my pet peeve with online publishing tools that do not give you total control of presentation, that makes Movable Type better then sliced bread in my universe.

Why I'm not a good blogger

I've been doing a review of some blogs for work and one of the things that suprised me (because I don't often read the realy popular blogs) is that some of these people blog 5,6,7 times a day.

They obviously live alone with their computer.

iPod Mixer

"OKAY, THIS IS COOL:" -- Instapundit post

Top 5 Authors, Right Now

  1. China Meilville
  2. Neil Gaimon
  3. Iain Banks
  4. George R.R. Martin
  5. Neal Stephenson

Discuss amongst yourselves.

Sean Taylor Got Off Light

Doesn't $17,000 seem paltry as a fine for spitting? The NFL fined Taylor $25,000 for skipping a mandatory rookie symposium. I understand why they don't want to suspend him a game, but at least make it look good.

An Interview with Neil Gaiman

Thanks to Puff Stevie for the reference to this interview:

92nd Street Y: An Interview with Neil Gaiman

I'm coincidentally reading his collection of short stories right now: Smoke and Mirrors. Pretty good so far.