Ego alert

A late entry into the 2006 F1 Championships is being made by Suzuki Team Super Aguri. So where does the team name come from? Team principal Aguri Suzuki.

I guess his last name is the name of the company, but still. Maybe I should rename my fantasy football team, Super Doug. Or maybe translate that into Japanesse maybe it doesn't sound so dorky then.

@#@# It

I think Washington should have a baseball team. I was very excited to have the National in town last year. I planned to support them.

But sometimes in an effort to get something you want, you have to back up and say @#@# it, its not worth it. [ Nats Bidders Told Not to Offer Funds -- Washington Post ]

My message to MLB --

"Take your precious little baseball franchise and move them to San Juan and see if you can get an ownership group to bid for them then. @#@# You."