The Business

I just finished The Business by Iain Banks. While the world each novel takes place in is very different (late 1990's Earth vs. a galaxy far far away) it reminded me in tone of Against a Dark Background by Iain M. Banks. I am 99.999% sure that those are the same people.


Penguins New Coach

To think I was excited about hockey in Pittsburgh over the summer. Then they started playing and losing games. Now 2 games into a new coach I have to like their chances for a rebound. Why?

I know exactly one thing about new coach Michel Therrien: he's got a great French-Canadian name. Therefor, he must be good. Go Pens.

Intelligent Design = Creationism

Update on the Intelligent Design court case:

"Pennsylvania science teachers will not be forced to advocate "intelligent design" after a judge ruled that that the theory is really religion in disguise. ... As such, it is primarily a religious theory, not a scientific one, and cannot be taught in US public schools, which are prevented from promoting religion." (New Scientist)

I wrote about this case at length when it opened (Science and Religion | Sept. 26) and will only add now that this is a welcome decision. Yea.