Arlen's Jowls A-Quiver

Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Specter has decided that TO has been wronged. He has gone so far as to say that "it might be a violation of antitrust laws."

Senator says Eagles unfair in punishment of Owens (CBS

Are you kidding me? Not only is NFL labor relations regulated by a heavily negotiated collective bargaining agreement, this particular matter was recently ruled on by an arbitrator as being in accordance with that agreement.

Spector goes on to say that "He's not committed a crime, he's committed a breach of contract." Exactly. In fact, he's committed a breach of contract that allows the team to engage in the action they have taken as a means of discipline. "It's a restraint of trade" Mr. Spector says. How? He's getting paid for every game he's deactivated for?

I suspect that what is really going on here is that Arlen is upset that he missed out on all the good press for McCain and Bunning stemming from baseball's new steroid policy.