DVD Movies Suck

I love DVDs. But they have a huge down-side especially in the rental market.

Stop touching the face of the DVD!!!!!!!

Yes, I'm talking to you. I know, DVDs and CDs were touted by some as indesctructible. What they meant by that is that you can't really wear them out like you used to be able to do to cassettes that got a lot of play. But if you scratch it, you ruin it.

One of the most frustrating things in life is to rent a movie (who buys any more?) get half way in, absorbed in the story, then the picture freezes and skips 3 scenes down the road. Wipe it off all you want, the thing has been scratched.

There are many fault points in this system. (More)

Some Football Thoughts

Wow are the Steelers bad without Ben. If pressed prior to this season I would have said that Hines Ward was the best player on the team. But it is pretty easy to figure out that Ben is the most valuable. (Oh, I know he's not good, but don't throw trash on Tommy's lawn again this time. Please.)

Syracuse has cool helmets. (EPSN)

Too bad they couldn't hang with Notre Dame. I often end up watching the begining of the Notre Dame game on the Notre Dame Broadcasting Channel on the hopes of seeing their sanctimonious grins whipped off their collective faces. Now they even have an ex-Patriot coach.

But I think the Steelers should add numbers to the other side of their helmet. That would be cool. It would be too obvious for the Browns to do it, then it would look like a complete rip-off and the Steelers are the only other team with the room for it. It also ads another marketing angle. Now I not only need Ben's jersey but also his helmet.