Bradshaw as owner

ESPN is reporting that Terry Bradshaw is trying to line up investors in case he can convince Tom Benson to sell the Saints to him.

Terry Bradshaw interested in buying Saints

This is the kind of report that will probably lead to nothing. Maybe Benson will sell the Saints if they end up staying in New Orleans without him getting a sweat heart stadium deal. But any talk of that is probably years away and the sexy, celebrity bids seldom work out in the really major sports. Its all about steady, deep money here not fame.

But how cool would that be if Bradshaw owned a team! Perhaps we would hear not nearly as much from him since he would no longer be on Fox (I would think). But Bradshaw is not one to be quite. I can hear him now ripping into a bad coach or QB. How fun.

Well, Terry, count me in. I can't bring much to the table financially, but I guess every bit helps. How much would $20 buy in an NFL franchise anyways?