Arlen's Jowls Backtrack

Update: This morning CBS is reporting that Arlan Specter has backed away from his threat of Senate investigations into TO's treatment by the Eagles.

Senator shies away from pursuing unfair punishment of Owens

Apparently someone got in a room alone with Arlen and whacked him up-side the head and he came to the realization that their upcoming confirmation hearing for a new justice of the Supreme Court was a little more important.

Note: he did not say that he was wrong just that he had more important things to do. He has refered this to the Justice Deperment who is probably too busy rounding up Arabs for torture to really give this their full attention.

Arlen's Jowls A-Quiver

Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Specter has decided that TO has been wronged. He has gone so far as to say that "it might be a violation of antitrust laws."

Senator says Eagles unfair in punishment of Owens (CBS

Are you kidding me? Not only is NFL labor relations regulated by a heavily negotiated collective bargaining agreement, this particular matter was recently ruled on by an arbitrator as being in accordance with that agreement.

Spector goes on to say that "He's not committed a crime, he's committed a breach of contract." Exactly. In fact, he's committed a breach of contract that allows the team to engage in the action they have taken as a means of discipline. "It's a restraint of trade" Mr. Spector says. How? He's getting paid for every game he's deactivated for?

I suspect that what is really going on here is that Arlen is upset that he missed out on all the good press for McCain and Bunning stemming from baseball's new steroid policy.

Giving Thanks

I hope every one of my loyal readers had a great Thanksgiving.

We all have a lot to be thankful for. Unless I have picked up some stragglers in the last couple of months, we all have a good middle class life in a prospering, peaceful country.

For me, this holiday season has begun with a different feel to it. I am no less thankful for my wife and parents and sister and health and job and friends then last year, but it is hard to be more thankful for anything then for Michael.

I find it hard to convey how much I appreciate the healthy developing life of my son. Suffice it to say that it is really a unique feeling that I hope everyone who wants children can experience in their life.

A Happy Holiday to all.

DVD Movies Suck

I love DVDs. But they have a huge down-side especially in the rental market.

Stop touching the face of the DVD!!!!!!!

Yes, I'm talking to you. I know, DVDs and CDs were touted by some as indesctructible. What they meant by that is that you can't really wear them out like you used to be able to do to cassettes that got a lot of play. But if you scratch it, you ruin it.

One of the most frustrating things in life is to rent a movie (who buys any more?) get half way in, absorbed in the story, then the picture freezes and skips 3 scenes down the road. Wipe it off all you want, the thing has been scratched.

There are many fault points in this system. (More)

Some Football Thoughts

Wow are the Steelers bad without Ben. If pressed prior to this season I would have said that Hines Ward was the best player on the team. But it is pretty easy to figure out that Ben is the most valuable. (Oh, I know he's not good, but don't throw trash on Tommy's lawn again this time. Please.)

Syracuse has cool helmets. (EPSN)

Too bad they couldn't hang with Notre Dame. I often end up watching the begining of the Notre Dame game on the Notre Dame Broadcasting Channel on the hopes of seeing their sanctimonious grins whipped off their collective faces. Now they even have an ex-Patriot coach.

But I think the Steelers should add numbers to the other side of their helmet. That would be cool. It would be too obvious for the Browns to do it, then it would look like a complete rip-off and the Steelers are the only other team with the room for it. It also ads another marketing angle. Now I not only need Ben's jersey but also his helmet.

Socially Useless?

An Italian Magistrate recently banned racing at the historic Monza circuit in Italy based on noise complaints by area residents. Most interesting was a comment in his decision.

The verdict defined racing as a "superfluous, dangerous and socially useless activity with a big impact on the environment." (Reported by


Socially useless? That is a pretty harsh comment for a sport that is pretty well loved in Italy. Maybe more importantly, is that the proper basis for a legal decision? I guess it can come into play in some situations. But is he saying that if an activity is socially enlightening it can make as much noise as possible? So if we hold a poetry recital at Monza but amplify it with some really, really big speakers that would be ok?

Hm. Well at least the track knows how it can fill that now empty date on its schedule.


Easily the most picked on super hero of all time, Aquaman is apparently going to get some love from the people who brought you Smallville.

WB dives into 'Aquaman' (Variety)

Why Aquaman? They seem to be going for dramas about people who just happen to be superheros. Not television comic books. Given that, using low-powered superheros actually makes a lot of sense.

Given that Aquaman is easily one of the weakest superheros of all time, this seems like a no-brainer. Next stop should be a browse through the independent racks.

Bradshaw as owner

ESPN is reporting that Terry Bradshaw is trying to line up investors in case he can convince Tom Benson to sell the Saints to him.

Terry Bradshaw interested in buying Saints

This is the kind of report that will probably lead to nothing. Maybe Benson will sell the Saints if they end up staying in New Orleans without him getting a sweat heart stadium deal. But any talk of that is probably years away and the sexy, celebrity bids seldom work out in the really major sports. Its all about steady, deep money here not fame.

But how cool would that be if Bradshaw owned a team! Perhaps we would hear not nearly as much from him since he would no longer be on Fox (I would think). But Bradshaw is not one to be quite. I can hear him now ripping into a bad coach or QB. How fun.

Well, Terry, count me in. I can't bring much to the table financially, but I guess every bit helps. How much would $20 buy in an NFL franchise anyways?

You say tomato I say tamato

Last night, J and I debated the nature of tomatoes: vegetable or fruit.

I know, I know. Its a fruit. All the botanists say so. But really, all of us remember the first time someone told us tomatoes where actually fruits. We all assumed that they were vegetables.

Why are they fruits? (More)

Yea DogFish!

I've been to the new Dogfish Head Ale House in Gaithersburg twice now. While its existance raises the beer quality of Montgomery County from horrid to decent in one fell swoop, I can't recommend eating there other then as a way to allow consumption of more of their fine beer.

That said, I call on all my loyal readers to patronize this fine establishment as much as possible. You should all consider it a civic duty to have a happy hour there this year.

However, if you happen to find yourself near Rehoboth, DE check out the Dogfish Head Brew Pub there. Its got the same beer and their food is actually good.

Dogfish's Web site


Pours and foams like beer, smells like coffee, alcohol free with caffine.

Report from the New Scientist

Religious fundamentalism explained

Lets start with a theory:

As science increases in complexity it becomes indistinguishable from magic.

I don't really know the origin of this theory but I credit Todd with bringing it to my attention. Its a fun theory. I like it because it often proves to be a useful filter through which to view technology's relationship with people.

With no empirical research, I sense that mankind is beginning to tread down the back side of a bell curve because of this theory and that this is causing a rise in religious fundamentalism.