White Sox Victory = Steelers Super Bowl

One of the first two sports jerseys Michael ever wore was actually a Chicago White Sox one-sie. See Michael's father-in-law's family is from the South side and good friends of theirs sent Michael a pretty cool looking White Sox outfit right after he was born.

This season, Michael wears his Roethlisberger jersey every Sunday the Steelers play.

Earlier this week, the White Sox won the World Series... I don't think I need to draw everyone a picture. Consider the football season over.

Pat-down ruled to be violation of privacy

I guess I can see where they are coming from on this one. The high school teacher who brought the suit has a particularly interesting comment:

"If I did that to my students, do you know what would happen to me?" (from ESPN article)

But the key difference is that students have to go to high school but fans chose to go to football games whose tickets (usually) point out that you can and will be kicked out if the team doesn't like you.

No one has a right to go to a sporting event. These are privileges. Privileges that in this day and age, I would like to keep safe. Certainly, the threat of terrorism has been used to justify extreme actions in this country out of whack with the potential danger. But do you really have a reasonable expectation not to be patted down when entering a stadium? I didn't think so. We're not talking about strip searches or confiscation of cell phones here.

I'd much rather be sure the drunk next to me doesn't have a knife thank you very much.