Funny Stuff

As a father who recently had a 5 day old son. I thought this was particularly funny. Especially the last line "... 5 day old sons come and go ..."

The bit is called Greenie and the Jets and is an animation based on some actual dialogue from the Mike and Mike morning show on ESPN radio. Its nearish the bottom of the page:

Animated 'Off-Mikes' Page

Update: Roughing the Mother is pretty funny too.

Steven "Action" Jackson

ABC's video self-introductions of players on Monday Night Football certainly has done nothing good for the egos of professional atheletes. But last night was ugly. As the Saint Louis Rams' offense introduces itself, running back Steven Jackson says, and I quote:

"Steven "Action" Jackson ..."

I didn't even hear where he went to college. Or whether he's instead referring to his High School. Which is another stupid trend that I think is being pushed by Nike to mesh with their High School sports ads. Anyone know if all the High School pushers are under Nike contracts?

But really. I had never heard the nick-name "Action" for Steven Jackson before he told me about it on national television. Football is not boxing. If you have to tell me your nick-name, its not your nick-name. Nick-names are given to you by others, they are promulgated behind the scenes, the national media always finds out last unless they are the ones to start the nick-name.

Rule of thumb: If you have to get up on national television to tell me your nick-name, you are not nearly as cool as you think you are.