NFL hypocritical? Who cares.

At the bottom of a column on the NFL by CBS Sportsline's Pete Prisco, Pete asks if the NFL is being hypocritical by playing a game in Mexico City when they will not even take advertising from the Las Vegas tourism board?

Mexico City "actually runs a lottery game where picking the winners of each week's NFL games... pays a big prize." And that is on top of legalized gambling parlors.

I suppose the difference for the NFL is image. Did you know Mexico City runs an NFL based lottery? Did you know Las Vegas has NFL bookies? I guess in the end it makes sense, but I feel a little sorry for Las Vegas. Give them some love, will ya?

OK, enough NFL bashing. I mean, really. This is the best chink in the armor of the best run professional sports league in the history of sentient life in this universe? Back to the regularly scheduled love-fest.