Where's the line between right, wrong, and private schooling?

Thanks to my loyal-est reader for this tip:

"School expels girl for having gay parents" -- (AP)

On its face, this headline screams out an obviously outragious action that will likely soon be corrected and might not really merit much attention. However, this is not a public school. Its a private school. An Ontario Christian School, whose policies apparently state that that at least one parent may not engage in practices "immoral or inconsistent with a positive Christian life style, such as cohabitating without marriage or in a homosexual relationship" according to an LA Times article.

First of all, if these "Christians" think that it is Jesus' wish that they expell students from their ministry/education because of what they believe is a moral transgression then they need to re-read their gospels with an eye toward the message rather then simply seeking out-of-context justifications for their own witch-hunts.

In, however, the likely event that they do not realize how wrong they are don't they have the right to their own beliefs in this private setting? Should this child simply go to a public school or a different private school?

But what are the public schools like in that area? I certainly do not know. However, this country is full of areas where public schools are failing and private schools are a child's best shot at a good education. What if this school is the only decent education in the area? Are the best interests of the country served by allowing the best schools restrict access based on moral philosphy?

No, it is not.

Recordings Of Katrina Prep

Heard this on NPR this morning... (C-SPAN and NPR plugs in the same week? Good thing I'm already married.)

Someone recorded the conference calls that occurred before and after Katrina hit between local, state, and federal political leaders and government officials and now NPR has the tapes.

NPR Story with Audio Clips

This will be a gold mine for after action analysis and the clips I heard lead you to believe that FEMA is going to get hammered.

What will we be saying about this when our next presidential election rolls around? 9/11 was a pivotal moment for presidential politics last time around, will Katrina be a pivot for this cycle? I think it will be and I think it will damage anyone with ties to the administration. Somewhere, McCain's political imp is smiling.