Global warming should bubble technocrats to the surface

Perhaps we should not wait any longer to pay attention to the growing body of research linking rising sea temperatures with an increase in hurricanes and cyclones.

Warming world blamed for more strong hurricanes (New Scientist)

True, our first concern should be the rebuilding of lives in the wake of a tragedy. But if we wait until jazz funerals for known individuals replace mass funerals for unidentified bodies, we might not take this as seriously.

But the larger point is that experts seem rare at the top levels of our government and that trend is not new. Robert X. Cringely, whose 'blog' is linked in my list of must reads to your left, recently wrote about the dangers of disaster preparedness as a game of playing the odds managed by people who do not have expertise or seemingly even the interest in those odds.

Risky Business (I, Cringely)

In my mind this is partially due to political appointees with suspect credentials leading our institutions of government. Twenty years ago we laughed at the USSR for this behavior. Perhaps our next political revolution should be to replace idealogues in the executive branch with technocrats who might look at data to anticipate and solve problems better suited to a federal government then a religiuos conclave.