iSold It boycott

Really, it should be illegal to put flyers on cars. I don't mean to limit freedom of speech, but there are not a lot of garbage cans in parking lots around me so I am forced to litter the street or my car's floor mats.

That is all bad enough but yesterday I encountered a new low in pamphletering. The local 'iSold It' (an eBay drop-off store) celebrated its grand opening by actually walking into my neighborhood and stuffing flyers under the whippers of cars parked in front of their owners' townhouses.

Are you kidding me? Admitedly these flyers were easier to throw out, but for an evening my neighborhood looked like a parking lot because every car was decorated by a neon colored flyer.

Never will I step into an iSold It and I call on you, my loyal readers, to join my boycott.

Porch Readers Unite! Down with invasive marketing! Down with big corporate eBay sellers! Support your local eBayer!