2 Teams, 1 Owner

Obscure topic for my first real post -- In Formula 1 news, Red Bull Racing (an existing team) has purchased Minardi (another existing team) and will essentially field two teams next year. The second team being positioned as a junior team.

Details of the purchase

Why do I find this odd?. Admittedly, the 'team' concept in auto racing is a bit different then any other team sport I'm familiar with. Each team in F1 already fields 2 seperate cars who end competing with each other as much (at least theoretically) as the other teams. But now Red Bull will essentially have 4 cars on every grid and two sets of pits and 2 votes when it comes to making governance decisions.

Perhaps the Pittsburgh Steelers should look into purchasing the Washington Redskins and position them as a junior team creating synergies in player development and branding. Certainly would create more stability in Washington.