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Superbblog Software upgraded
CMO | 22 November, 2006 13:50

We have just upgraded our blogging software to the latest stable release.  Already it has proven to be a great success.  The amount of load on our servers have drastically decreased.  This means much greater performance for our clients.  There are many new templates added.  Also we are excited about some of the new addons, especially those that are designed to combat the spam problem.  One of the most notable of which is the AuthImage plugin.  That is, you have to type in the code provided by the image before you can submit your comments.  This will definitely put a damper on the spam bots that spew their spams via auto submissions.  There are many other nifty features to this new upgrade.  Have fun blogging.

Happy blogging!

Superbblog software update
CMO | 27 May, 2005 11:47

We are happy to announce that we have recently updated our SuperbBlog software to a new version based on the open source Plog. The new version provides bug fixes and has many feature enhancements. Furthermore, we are now including superbblog software free with every domain hosted in our shared hosting environment.

Happy blogging!

SuperbServers.Net Reseller Program
Jose Castro | 23 December, 2004 11:28

SuperbServers.Net Reseller Program

This is Jose Castro with Superb Internet Corporation. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your valuable business on behalf of Superb Internet Corporation. We want you to feel free to drop us a line as we have always believed in using a two-way communication channel, now thanks to technology, we can keep this line of communication open. Our blog will be monitored to understand what is being said about our products and services.

What is our SuperbServers.Net Program?

The Superb re-seller program has been designed to help businesses earn revenues by either expanding their hosting services or by broadening their existing dedicated hosting services. Our Superb Reseller Program provides a unique discount (based on volume orders), which means you get discounts of 20%, 30%, 40% and up to 45% discounts on our entire line of qualified dedicated servers (offered via: Furthermore, the discount applies to all the add-ons such as: Secure FTP access, MS SQL 2000, IPs, Extra RAM, Firewall (SnapGear SG 630), secondary Hard Drives, RAID controllers, to name a few of our additional services.

For The Most Frequently Asked Questions please go here:

Direct Benefits from the reseller program:

a) Huge reseller discounts – get up to 45% off on ALL regular priced servers & services* (some restrictions apply)
b) No Fees - no long-term contracts. Just sign up as one of our dedicated resellers and start re-selling the same day
c) User-friendly account management and ordering using your web based myCP® Reseller Control Panel
d) Superior connectivity from one of our state of the art, owned & operated data centers – over 100 direct network connections
e) Live 24x7 professional server administrators and server monitoring
f) Industry-leading , 100% Uptime SLA guaranteeing your customer’s servers are always online
g) Superb 24/7/365 live customer service via telephone, live chat, email and our myCP® online support system
h) Worry-free partnership with an award-winning web hosting leader which has received virtually every top web hosting award in the Industry
i) Free Support - provided only to our resellers up to $2,160 USD in support included per year!

To get started you need: a web site, ability to take online or offline orders and a desire to re-sell dedicated hosting solutions!

If you are interested in getting further details about our discount levels, training material, reseller/distribution agreement and qualified products/services (spread sheet), contact Jose Castro, Channel Manager by filling out our online reseller form:

Get to partner with an industry leader in the hosting marketplace, with your servers located in one of our state-of-the-art data centers with over 100 direct connections to the Internet. We save you all the hassles and costs of maintaining your own network and the servers. You only need to focus on selling to your customers and looking after their needs - we look after the rest.

Jose Castro - Channel Manager, Superb Internet Corporation
JCastro@SUPERB.NET - (+1-604) 638-2525 x 208
(888) 354-6128 x 208 - ICQ: 267648779 - MSN:

Web hosting and more "Ahead of the Rest": -

- 8 years of excellence since 1996 -


Protect Your Privacy
CMO | 15 December, 2004 07:06

Superb Registrar Privacy Protection






How often have we received unsolicited e-mail from individuals or companies we have never even heard of ? Sadly our e-mail boxes are full of them. Most of these spam e-mail we get can be attributed to the fact that we publish our e-mail addresses on our web sites, news groups, or provide them to companies that unbeknown to us, sell them to spammers. We have learned this the hard way and are now a lot wiser. We have now largely ceased the aforementioned practices.

One other avenue that spammers can harvest our information is through our domain name WHOIS records. In the past, we had no control over this. Now we do through a service called ID Protect.

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Welcome to SuperbBlog
CMO | 13 December, 2004 20:07

Is it really just all hype ? Or is there something to this so called blogging crazed.  Some people believe that blogging is the next big thing as e-mail was a number of years ago.    They argue that e-mail as a form of communication is rapidly deteriorating due to the high ratio of garbage e-mail to good e-mail. 

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